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Choose from Sferra, St. Geneve, Schlossberg, Traditions Linens, and more, on sale at the best prices with free shipping. Full selection of fine European linens for the table, bed, and bath.

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St. Geneve
Bedding made in Canada from fine Italian fabrics
New Product
Traditions Linens
Many new full bedding selections have been added

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Our Favorite Fine Linens

Sferra Bros 1000 thread count sheets made of 100% Egyptian cotton by Sferra
Sferra BrosCashmere blankets, "Savoy," finished in Italy by Sferra
Sferra Cashmere throws for warm and cozy luxury from Sferra
Sferra BrosPure linen sheets, "Classico," made in Italy by Sferra
Guest TowelsGuest towels in linen, hand stitched with monogramming available.

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