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St. Geneve - Duvet Cover Informaiton

A Tradition

There is an old Scandinavian tradition. When a woman married, her parents would give the couple a new down filled duvet and pillows which would have been made by her mother. Part of this tradition had the mother sewing a new coin into the duvet before the final finishing, for good luck in all of their days. When St. Geneve makes a duvet, they do the same thing. St. Geneve down filled duvets all have a coin sewn in, in the same spirit of good wishes.


St. Geneve down filled duvets are guaranteed 20 years against any defect in materials and/or workmanship, provided that the duvet has been reasonably cared for, and that a duvet cover has been used at all times. All St. Geneve duvets are sewn in a sealed baffle box design. The filling is guaranteed to stay in place, and never shift into another compartment, for the life of the duvet.

Duvet Sizing

St. Geneve makes their duvets to fit on typical mattresses with about 12" hanging over the sides and the foot. This is so that when one person gets into their twin bed, or two people get into their double, queen, or king bed, the duvet will be pulled up to settle down around the sleepers without dragging over the side of the bed. Special oversized duvets are available with extra large flanges to cover extra deep mattresses. Please call or email for details.

(Courtesy St. Geneve.)

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