Caring for Luxury Linens

Using reasonable care with your linens can prolong their life and give you added years of enjoyment. Most people do not realize that some common ways of washing and drying can cause permanent damage. Here is some information on proper washing and drying I have compiled to help you preserve your luxury linens.

Washing Luxury Linens

It is important when washing your luxury linens to thoroughly rinse them. A poor rinsing can cause damage by leaving detergent residue that will scorch when ironed or turn yellow with time. I suggest putting your sheets and towels through two full wash and rinse cycles (do not crowd, allowing full circulation of water) with a minimum amount of a gentle soap or enzyme detergent, such as one of the Le Blanc fine fabric washes. The water should be hot enough to dissolve the soap or detergent. The second cycle ensures that all traces of detergent have been removed.

Never use chlorine bleach as it weakens fibers and can even facilitate disintegration. However, a non-chlorine bleach may be used sparingly.

Drying Luxury Linens

Nothing compares with the clean, fresh scent of bed linens and tablecloths line-dried in sunshine and fresh air. If you have no outdoor clothesline, an indoor line in the laundry room, a shower rod, or a retractable line over the bathtub will work well. If you use a dryer, use your low-heat cycle to avoid overdrying. Removing your luxury linens from the dryer while they are still slightly damp to the touch cuts down or even eliminates ironing and protects the finish & fibers of the fabric. If removed at the right time your linens will finish drying while you are shaking them out and folding them.

Special Care Instructions for Towels

These instructions have been provided by the manufacturers.
Machine wash warm on gentle or normal cycle with gentle detergent or Linen Soap or Wash. Do not mix different types or colors of towels in the same load. Do not use liquid fabric softener, bleach, color safe bleach or bleach alternatives. Dry on a warm setting. Clip any loose threads with scissors — do not pull.

CAUTION: Many common face cleaners, containing ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy and Retinol-A, will bleach colored towels. Also, laying wet towels on a counter that has been washed with a bleach product can cause discoloration. Manufacturers will not replace towels or linens damaged by the use of the products listed and underlined above.

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